rampageroad.net does not promote or condone racing any motor vehicle on public highway, street or road. We are simply providing the public with information about events that occur with or without our participation. The fact that we are providing information about street racing, which is an illegal activity, is not to be construed as our condoning of this activity. We are only here to unite and inform the motorsport community. Racing belongs in safe areas like the tracks.  All parties which participate in these activities do so at their own risk and hold any and all persons associated with RampageRaod.com harmless of any and all liabilities.  We encourage responsible, safe driving practices at all times. Be smart. Drive safe. Stay legal.  

By entering this website you are of the full understanding that this website is for information purposes only. You understand that the information provided in this web site may be falsified or altered and therefore no person, car, motor vehicle, motor vehicle owner, or spectator can be held accountable for any visual or written information seen in this website. Because all written and visual information may be falsified or altered, no person, family member, heir, legal representative, officer of the court, peace officer, or any other legal officer, may construe any of this website as real and can not hold anyone participating in this site accountable.

Video is provided ďas is" without any warranties; viewer assumes full responsibility; view at your own risk; parental discretion may be advised, viewing may contain explicit materials some viewers may find objectionable; these acts and/or stunts are performed by trained professionals; do not attempt to imitate the driving, acts, or stunts illustrated in these videos.  Not responsible for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any viewing, downloading, error or failure to perform, or attempts to imitate these videos.

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