Being born in 1968, I've always felt like I was born in the wrong generation. The cars I've always loved generally fall in to the late '60s and early '70s era. The thought of seeing a brand new 1968 Mustang going up against a new '68 Camaro on the side streets back in those days would be a dream come true.


Below I have listed some of my favorites which I feel have stood the test of time. If you have any favorites you feel are missing and would like to have them acknowledged, please send me an E-Mail and I will be happy to honor them here.



The 1968 Shelby GT500-KR Mustang Cobra is hands down my all time dream car. I fell in love with this car the very first time I saw it  For me this car symbolizes the style and attitude of the muscle car era. Though many great cars came out of the late 60's and early 70's, I think this car stands out as  the greatest. It is really hard to explain, but when I get around one of these cars, I get that "deer caught in the headlights" thing happening.


As one might figure, "Eleanor", from "Gone in Sixty Seconds", has to rank high on my list. Built from a 1967 Mustang Fastback and heavily modernized, this car is simply awesome. It still retains the classic lines that made the Shelby Cobra so popular. The car was so impressive that Unique Performance along with Carol Shelby are producing a limited number of them called the "Eleanor Shelby G.T. 500E. Visit Unique Performance for more information. If you happen to have a '67- '68 Mustang Fastback lying around, visit Classic Speed Shop to learn about making your own "Eleanor"!


The 1965 427 AC Cobra has become one of the most infamous cars to date. It has one of my favorite engines and has stood the true test of time. The AC Cobra changed the whole racing industry when it debuted. I can not recall a more replicated car out there. It is pure race car with a long successful history to back it up.


Click the Viper to view more pictures by Chris. Awesome Job Chris!

My son, Chris, who's only 13, took this picture at Ennis, Tx. during the SLP Day (Feb. 16, 2003). This is a Viper Venom 650R which has 650hp and a top speed of 215mph. Chris, like many of us, dreams of one day owning his own Viper.


I would like to send a very special "Thank You" out to Jeff Pollitt, the owner of this wonderful car for letting him sit behind the wheel, it was the highlight of his day.


In 1971 the Lamborghini Countach was introduced to the world and remains one of the greatest super cars ever built. This car has always been one of my favorites. I do not know of anyone, if around it, that would not stop and admire it's sheer beauty.


One night back in high school, I was heading home from a friend's house and pulled up behind a white one with dual spoilers. I could not believe my eyes and followed it around for the next 15 minutes mesmerized. I remember it like it was yesterday. The Lamborghini Countach is what this page is all about.


Thanks to Grant Lee of Toledo, Ohio for the pictures of his beautiful '69 Charger.

Click the image to view pictures this car.

 The 1969 Dodge Charger is one of the great muscle cars. It was so popular that a whole television show was based around it, "The Dukes of Hazard". I religiously watched the show for years and the "General Lee" always stole the show, followed closely by Daisy Duke's fine looks. Even today the Charger is seen as the ultimate car in movies like "The Fast and the Furious".


This 1991 Polo Green Metallic Corvette with it's Saddle colored interior, is one of the finest looking vettes ever built. When ever I see one I always end up doing more then one "Double Take".


Based on the new body style that debuted in 1984, the '91 vette included new side panel louvers, wrap around parking/fog lamps, and a restyled rear end, similar to the ZR-1. This elegant looking corvette, came with a powerful V-8 350 LT1 that would flat-out move when called upon.


Thanks to Jim Misson for the picture of his gorgeous 1991 Corvette.


More To Come Soon!

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