The idea for Rampage Road began with the purchase of my Trans AM (Ram-Air) in June of 2000. It was a car I fell in love with the first time I saw Pontiac's infamous commercial of it eating another car at a red light in '98.



For those of you not familiar with this commercial or have not seen it in a while,

I have made links to all 3 of the commercials that ran in '98 - '99.

Just click on the pictures below and turn up the volume!

"Hungry..." - 3.8 Mb

"BOO!" - 3.8 Mb

"Unwind" - 4.6 Mb




Once I had this beautiful car in my possession, I decided I finally had a car worthy of having some personalized license plates for the first time in my life. So, after much discussion with my wife and son, we settled on RAMPGE, which was derived from the car's Ram-Air package. Just for the record, no, the name has nothing to do with the video game Redneck Rampage, nor did it have anything to do with how my wife feels about my driving (though she might argue this point)!





Next, I started doing some surfing around the web trying to find car clubs, groups, or other people with the same interests as I had. Sure enough I found lots of excellent people on various message boards. I, of course, utilized Rampage as my on-line nickname.


That is basically where the name Rampage came from and when I decided I wanted to create a webpage on the "Information Highway", Rampage Road worked out well.



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